Kideny failure describes a partial or complete dysfunction of the kidneys. The kidney is especially important for the excretion of nitrogen compounds, metabolites and drugs. Kidney failure may be both acute or chronic.


Urgency level 5


Danger level 4


In many cases an early symptom for this disease is decreased urination. However this symptom is hard to detect and doesn't occur in all cases. In general this is followed by a phase of increased urination. Acute renal failure develops rapidly within a few days. The animal shows obvious signs of being clinically ill, is exhausted or even apathetic, has no appetite and sometimes does nothing but lie around anymore. Accompanying symptoms can also include constant vomiting and bloody diarrhea.


The activator of an acute kidney failure is frequently hard to determine. However, bacterial infections or poisoning play a role in many cases. Additionally, circulatory failure (e.g. due to loss of blood, cardiac arrhythmia, etc.) may cause a renal insufficiency. In many cases, the acute renal insufficiency develops as accessory symptom of another disease, by means of which the symptoms of the causing disease may overshadow the kidney failure.


Uncomplicated and mild cases can be treated with medication. Spontaneous healing is possible. In case of severe impairment of the general condition, sometimes stationary treatment and infusion therapy are required. If the disease is identified and treated in time, the damages may possibly be reversed and the complete function of the organ be re-established. Untreated, acute kidney failure may evolve into a chronic disease and cause permanent damages of the organ.

Emergency measures

Some drugs hold dangerous adverse reactions which may possibly favor kidney failure. Your veterinarian will certainly explain the risks for each newly prescribed medication. Such drugs should, if possible, be substituted. In case the administration is required, you should fastidiously pay attention to possible early symptoms which may announce an acute kidney failure, and you should bring your dog immediately to a veterinarian in case of suspicion, since in early stages the prognosis of the disease is still quite favorable.

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