In chronic gastritis, the stomach mucosa becomes inflammed over a longer period of time (>14 days).


Urgency level 3


Danger level 3


The disease usually persists for more than three weeks and the symptoms develop gradually. Vomiting is the most significant symptom, it occurs from time to time, independently from food or water intake. The vomiting is often triggered by stress or exertion. The consistency of the vomit is watery and has a yellowish color. Loss of appetite can be another symptom although it isn't as pronounced as in the acute form of the disease. Dehydration and the resulting weight loss are symptoms that can also occur. In some cases the dog may start eating grass. The described symptoms can be observed independently and do not occur together.


The causes of the chronic gastritis are frequently unclear. Genetic factors, diseases of liver, kidney or pancreas, foreign matters in the craw or allergies are considered as causes. Additionally, acute gastritis may take a chronic course in case of missing healing.


The ideal treatment consists of eliminating the cause which is often difficult due to the uncertainty of the cause and thus the therapy is to be realized symptomatically. Consequently it is tried to eliminate the symptoms and to achieve a freedom of symptoms. A diet is by now only used in case of existence of feed intolerances in order to determine the incompatible feed (replacement diet). The application of drugs is rather appropriate for the reduction of gastric acid production so that the irritated mucous membrane is preserved. The treatment is otherwise realized analog to the treatment of the acute variant. In addition to the administration of liquid and electrolytes in small amounts, above all motility regulators are used and thus an antibiotic and acid-inhibiting therapy is initiated. Changes of environment or light diet for the stomach can also be recommended.

Emergency measures

In general, in case of long-lasting vomiting, a veterinarian should be consulted as soon as possible. Best is to call the veterinarian, explain the situation and agree upon a date. If the symptoms are dramatic, the consultation should be realized more speedily. In case gastritis is caused by stress, then the owner shall arrange the environment of the dog in such a manner that it is not exposed to any unnecessary stress. In case of allergies, by means of a replacement diet it should be examined to what the dog is allergic, so that the cause can be eliminated. The nutritional measures of the following advice section may result in amelioration in case of such a disease.

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