Objects like small twigs or fragments of plastic can get lodged between your dog's teeth, or in the front of the pharynx, and cause irritation.


Urgency level 4


Danger level 3


If a foreign body is lodged inside the mouth, opening the mouth is often painful for the animal, and affected animals can be seen frequently pawing at their head. Other signs include excessive salivation and audible pain utterances. Fever may develop if the foreign body causes inflammation.


All kinds of objects can get stuck between the teeth or in front of the pharynx. Common foreign bodies are pieces of bone, twigs, and plastic or metal fragments. Both young and old dogs can be affected. Some breeds have a more narrow pharynx or trachea, both of which are predisposing factors for the condition.


Most foreign bodies can be found by thoroughly examining the mouth. Sometimes sedation is necessary to find and remove objects deeper in the pharynx. In the case that there is injury and inflammation of the mucosa, medication or surgery might be necessary.

Emergency measures

Objects that protrude from the side of the mouth are easily removed. However, removing them requires caution! The animal might snap out violently if he is frightened or in pain. Objects lodged between the teeth or deeper in the mouth have to be removed by a veterinarian.

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