Foreign bodies like grains, grass, or leaves can enter the nose from the outside or through the pharynx.


Urgency level 4


Danger level 3


The most obvious symptom of a foreign body entering the nose is heavy, persistent sneezing and shaking of the head. If the foreign body cannot be expelled, a unilateral rhinitis ensues with discharge that might contain blood. Also, foreign bodies may trigger the development of nasopharyngeal polyps.


Problems related to foreign bodies entering the respiratory tract are common during the spring and summer. The foreign bodies are usually plant matter picked up when running through pastures or deep grass. In rare cases, food particles enter the nose through the pharynx, especially during episodes of vomiting, and become lodged there.


Your vet can perform an examination to detect if a foreign body is lodged inside the nose of the animal by using a small mirror or by perfoming an endoscopy. After detection, foreign bodies are usually removed with an instrument similar to small tweezers.

Emergency measures

Foreign bodies should not be removed by the owner, as the mucosa may be injured and cause a nose bleed. If you suspect that a foreign body has entered the nose of your animal, please consult a veterinarian.

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