Foreign bodies may pierce into the pads or the interdigital skin of an animal causing pain and/or inflammation.


Urgency level 3


Danger level 2


Usually the owner notices that the animal is lame on the affected leg. On closer examination of the paw, often cuts or small swelling can be found which result from the foreign object. Sometimes also bloody secretion or ichor leaks from it.


Frequent foreign matters that enter into the paws, are small stones, broken pieces of glass or pieces of branches and all pointed/sharp objects onto which the dog may step when having outdoor exercise.


The foreign matter shall be found and in case of need be removed with a small operation. Subsequently, the paw is washed. A bandage needs possibly to be attached. For avoiding inflammations, antibiotics can be applied.

Emergency measures

Foreign matters being not visible that entered into the paw, should not be removed by the owner. Please consult a veterinarian for that. Visible foreign matters which can be reached with the hand and did not enter very deep, may carefully be removed by the owner, best with the aid of small tweezers.

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