A Histiocytoma is a small round skin lump, which consists of a certain type of immune cell - so called T lymphocytes.


Urgency level 3


Danger level 3


Histiocytomas mostly develop quickly over a short period of time. Principally, young dogs under three years are affected. The ulcer looks like a button with a diameter of about 1 to 2 cm. The surface of noticeably red, hairless and of greasy gleaming appearance. Most frequently, these ulcers appear on the front side body part and here particularly on the head, snout and neck. Frequently affected breeds are Labrador, boxer and dachshund.


The causes of a histiocytoma mostly remain unexplained.


Histiocytomas are mainly benign. Many degenerate spontaneously after a few months. It can however also be tried to repress them with medication or to remove them by operation.

Emergency measures

If you noticed a suspicious skin lump on your dog, please call your veterinarian at next opportunity and agree upon a date within the next days or week.

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