Hot Spot refers to a circumscribed pussy inflammation of the surficial skin layers, which is mostly seen during the summer month.


Urgency level 3


Danger level 3


The skin underneath the fur shows significant reddening and is very itchy. The wound starts to produce a pusy discharge and the fur is sticky. Often affected areas are the neck and the shoulder, both areas that the dog can easily reach and scratch with the hind paw. Breeds that often develop this condition include Golden Labradors and Retrievers and generally breeds with long and thick fur.


Mostly, the real inflammation is preceded by a strong itchiness within the corresponding skin area, such as can appear after contact with certain grass types or parts of plants. The subsequent scratching of the animal hurts the skin and promotes the entry of inflammation germs. With regard to that, flees, injuries, allergic skin diseases, missing hygiene, among others, may cause a hot spot.


For complete healing of a hot spot the administration of a suitable antibiotic is required, which might be required for a longer period of time. For supporting the healing and alleviation of the irritation, the affected area of the skin can be washed with a mild and disinfectant solution. Alternatively, lukewarm chamomile tea charged with a hint of salt can also be used for that.

Emergency measures

Skin diseases are normally no clinical emergencies. In case you find a hot spot with your animal, it is sufficient to call the veterinarian and to agree upon a date for the next day. In case the consultation hours elapsed, then you may also call the next day, explain the situation and agree upon a date. Meanwhile, you should try to prevent the animal from scratching on the affected spots, since otherwise secondarily caused diseases may develop. For that, you may tinker provisionally a neck collar or slip a T-shirt over the animal. In general, the owner should pay attention to the care of the coat and the hygiene of the dog. That does not only prevent the hot spot. Depending on the cause of the hot spot, preventive actions can be indicated. For example, for preventing flea eczemas the regular administration of an antiparasitic is appropriate, which reduces the risk of development of a hot spot caused by that.

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