The bladder is sealed by a ring-like muscle, which controls the discharge of urine. Physiological function of this muscle may weaken in older individuals.


Urgency level 3


Danger level 2


With advancing age "accidents" occur more frequently. The animal suddenly loses (also in the house) without any apparent cause larger or smaller amounts of urine or pushes more frequently to the outside.


As a result of the aging process, the constrictor of the bladder can become weaker. The supplying nerves which deliver the signal for discharging may also suffer the loss of function. The disease increasingly appears with sterilized she-dogs.


In case the urinary incontinence affects the constrictor, a medicine can be used which is administered as solution with the feed and which strengthens the closing function of the bladder.

Emergency measures

In case you notice that your dog is incontinent, you should call the veterinarian at next opportunity and agree upon a date within the next days or week. In case of incontinence, assist your dog (and yourself) with the problem by giving it enough outdoor exercise. Please provide your dog with sufficient liquid and under no circumstances try to restrict the incontinence by reduced water supply for your dog.

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