Lymphosarcoma develops from immune cells that multiply uncontrollably and accumulate in body tissue.


Urgency level 4


Danger level 5


Lymphosarcomas can appear in many different forms. Often they look like extensive erosions of the skin, and might be mistaken for inflammations or injuries. Individual nodes and lumps may also form. Lymphosarcomas also occur on mucous membranes for example inside the mouth or under the foreskin.


Lymphosarcomas of the skin can develop as primary tumors or as metastases of other tumors. In most cases, the cause is unknown.


Treatment of lymphosarcoma is usually the complete removal of the affected lesion. For this procedure, an adequate piece of healthy skin around the edges of the carcinoma is removed in order to prevent a recurrence of the tumor. However, there is a chance that metastases have already spread to other regions of the body.

Emergency measures

The sooner a lymphosarcoma is treated the better the chances of a recovery. Consult a veterinarian if a wound or lesion exhibits a conspicuously slow healing process.

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