A phlegmon is a pusy inflammation of the lower layer of the skin known as the subcutis. In some cases the inflammation is spread over larger areas of the dog’s skin.


Urgency level 3


Danger level 4


The dog’s skin appears swollen and red. Serous or pusy discharge is sometimes seen. Dogs suffering from a phlegmon often lick the irritated area excessively.


Infectious agents like bacteria invade the skin through small cuts or tears and cause inflammation.


Therapy consists of antibiotic treatment given over an extended period of time as well as anti-inflammatory drugs, which are usually administered to reduce swelling.

Emergency measures

Generally speaking, skin infections are not clinical emergencies. In the case of phlegmon, it is sufficient, to contact a veterinarian and arrange for an appointment. If you are calling outside of clinic hours, you may wait until the following day to make an appointment.

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