Pyderma describes a bacterial-induced inflammation which may affect all layers of the skin.


Urgency level 3


Danger level 3


The affected skin areas are initially reddened and swollen and develop pustulas (small lumps containing pus) and papules (round skin swellings that can be reddened on the surface). Occasionally the inflammation causes itching. In later stages small craters or cracks can occur and produce bloody or pusy secretion. Flanks and limbs are among the most often affected areas.


The inflammation is caused by bacteria which as a result of a small wound or bite penetrated the protective barrier of the skin. The bacteria spread under the skin and cause a purulent inflammation.


For successful containment of the inflammation, often an antibiogram needs to be made from a purulence sample which serves the choice of a suitable antibiotic for the therapy. Additionally, the affected skin regions are shorn and treated with disinfectant solution.

Emergency measures

In case of development of the symptoms indicated before, you should call the veterinarian at next opportunity and agree upon a date within the next days or week. When the animal was attended with medication, at home you may support healing by cleaning the particularly heavily affected areas twice a day with disinfectant solution.

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