The retina lines the backside of the eye and transforms incoming light into nerval signals, thereby becoming visual impressions. Damage to the retina may impair vision or lead to blindness.


Urgency level 4


Danger level 4


Progressive damage to the retina leads to visual loss. Affected animals show difficulties orienting themselves even in familiar environments. They may collide with objects or people, and show erratic behavior.


Damage to the retina can result from increased blood pressure, infection or poisoning. Increased intraocular pressure--an increase of the fluid pressure inside the eye--can also lead to vision loss. Yet, many cases are idiopathic, meaning they are of unknown cause.


Therapy has to be aimed at removing the underlying cause of the retinal defects.

Emergency measures

If you have noticed symptoms of retinal defect in your dog, consult a veterinarian immediately. The sooner the condition is diagnosed, the better the prognosis.

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