Distorsion is defined by short bending or stretching of a joint beyond its physical limits. As a result, the joint capsule and ligaments are traumatized causing pain and possibly leading to lameness.


Urgency level 3


Danger level 3


The trauma suddenly develops with the dog, like also with humans, due to the required external forces. In many cases the dog which just has been running or capered around, stops its run abruptly and shows strong pains which are mainly characterized by being lame and shaking extremities. The dog can use the affected extremity in some cases still a little, but the function is nearly always impaired. In case of strong sprains, the patient expresses its pain in many cases by yowling or whimpering. The affected area immediately swells and blue coloring may develop because of the hematoma. Touching the affected region causes pain for the dog.


Sprains always occur due to external forces (spraining, twisting, etc.). The joint surfaces are displaced from each other beyond normal dimension of movement. When the impact of the external forces ended, the joint surfaces get back into their initial position and result, depending on the severity of the external forces, in differently severe damages of the affected ligaments (to the point of ligament rupture) or joint capsules as well as effusions. Overweight animals are more frequently affected than animals with normal weight.


When the diagnosis is made and a worse injury of the bone (possibly with the aid of X-ray photographs) is excluded, the therapy is realized. Therapeutic measures above all deal with the immobilization of the affected extremity, the elimination of the painfulness by administration of drugs (pain-relieving products) and the buildup of the musculature of the affected regions.

Emergency measures

Normally, sprain is a harmless but also restricting injury. In case hobbling and limping of your dog does not get better after a few days and under consideration of the immediate actions described in the following category, you should consult a veterinarian in order to exclude more dangerous injuries and secondary damages. Since excess weight may promote the development of the injury, you should prevent too much excess weight of your dog.

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