Bladder tumors are a type of neoplasm (lump) which in most cases develop from the inner layer of the urinary bladder. This layer is also known as transitional epithelium.


Urgency level 4


Danger level 4


Tumors of the urinary bladder are mainly observed with older animals, but may however sometimes evolve with younger animals. The symptoms equal those of urinary bladder infections. In most cases blood in the urine is the first conspicuous change which is caused by bladder tumors, even though that symptom appears in most cases rather as a result of an existing urinary bladder infection. Depending on the position of the tumor, however, incontinence or painful desire to urinate might result. It becomes problematic when the tumor displaces urine discharging paths. The dog may no longer discharge urine. Backwater of urine may destroy the kidney and result in kidney failure.


Neoplasms of the urinary bladder may develop as a result of a persisting bladder infection not being noticed or treated. Otherwise, the causes frequently remain unexplained.


The likelihood of confusion with the urinary bladder infection is problematic. In many cases antibiotics are prescribed which may result in a short improvement of the symptoms of a urinary bladder tumor whereas the symptoms may appear again and in intensified manner. In the worst case, it might then be too late for the dog. The surgical removal of a bladder tumor is possible. Unfortunately, many of these tumors are malignant and frequently after a short period of time new growths may develop in the bladder.

Emergency measures

In case you notice blood in the urine of your dog, you should immediately consult a veterinarian. Best is to call, explain the situation and agree upon a date. It is always quite difficult to notice blood in the urine of an animal in time. Therefore it is appropriate to monitor at least once a week - particularly with older animals - the urine discharge.

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