Every pet in your household should be de-wormed at least every 3 months. This is important to protect your animals and those who are in contact with your animals. The product you are using should be effective against all major worms. Your vet can help you to find a suitable de-wormer for your dog. Puppies and dogs with high risk (i.e. hunting dogs) should be de-wormed more frequently. Please remember, worm treatments do not prevent worm infections. They merely remove worms present at the time of treatment. Even after successfuly using de-worming medication, your dog is still at risk of infection, and can become re-infected soon after treatment. De-worming for puppies A de-worming plan for a puppy may look like the following: Between 6 weeks of age (some sources recommend starting at 2 weeks) and 3 months young dogs should receive a suitable anti-worm medication every 2 weeks. At 3 months of age the intervals between de-worming can be extended to one month. From 6 months of age onward, a young dog may be de-wormed like an adult. Quality products can be purchased from your local vet who can also provide you with further information on the subject. Also, puppies may receive protection against worms before being born by treating the mother for worms during the second half of the pregnancy. It is possible that your dog may vomit soon after receiving an anti-worm medication. Side effects If your dog vomits or shows any other severe reactions, this indicates that your dog may have an intolerance to the medication. In order to assure an efficient treatment and lessen the side-effects, administer a new dose immediately after your dog eats a meal. Additionally, the tablet or paste can also be wrapped with something edible.