Every operation that requires the use of anesthetics involves risk. Modern medicine and operation techniques minimize the overall risk to your animal’s health, but no procedure is risk-free. Bleeding from incisions made during the operation can occur after it has been completed, however, this is rare. Surgery always means stress for an animal. As a result the patient consumes more energy, and is using up fat reserves or even muscle. Therefore, your dog should receive an easy to digest, high-quality diet that contains enough vitamins. Meat, fat or lard can be used with good results. Please remember, before an operation, it is usual that an animal should not receive food on the morning prior to a surgery, and shouldn’t have eaten 12 hours prior. Generally speaking, water may be offered at all times. If your pet is going to undergo an operation, please check with your veterinarian to make sure of any dietary restrictions that may be necessary in the days leading up to the operation.